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All Members Have Confirmed Twice That They Wish To View Your Ads And In Addition Paid To Be A Member Of Our Private Advertising Club! We Use The Same Confirmation Method As Google Groups, Topica And Other Mainstream Forums And Groups. No Unsolicited Contact Is Used Whatsoever. So This Is 100% Safe Advertising! Only $12. Per Year!


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Our advertising club is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.
You see, our members receive credits when they view your ads so they want to view them. Plus they have paid to join our club so they have proven they are willing to buy on the internet. No tire kickers here. Our members take action.

This is where the Private Advertising Club concept comes into play. When you join our Private Club you immediately have the right to show your advertisement to 1000s of proven internet purchasers daily.

There are no email addresses or complicated software to download. You show your ad Directly From Our Servers from an online interface. It is just like posting a message on a forum except our members will actually view your ads.

Promote ANYTHING legal YOU LIKE! (no adult please)

You see we are not the only ones bringing in members to the AD Club. We have hundreds of other owners promoting this club. You can even become an owner yourself and make 100% recurring commissions. Yes, our owners keep all the money. We just charge a small hosting fee. See here for more info. With 100's of owners adding up to 10 people per day that can add up to 1000's new people per day to show your offers to! It is up to us. We all work together.

These are Fresh Targeted Prospects! - Added Hourly! For $1 Per Month you simply cannot find a better deal! You will have new members being added everyday to our club who have paid for the priviledge to view your ads. We have been doing this business for over 5 years. You see this club is different. People are not getting paid to see your ads. They paid for the priviledge to view your ads.

Happy Advertising!

To start showing your ads out to 1000s of our members see below! You can be set up in minutes! Only $12. per year!

You can be showing your ads out in minutes!


  • Members May Post One Ad Per Day. (You can change your ad everyday to promote different programs)

  • No Adult or Hate Oriented Messages.

    The Advertising Club does not use any type of unsolicited contact to advertise. All members join our club and confirm their email address twice to ensure no one else can subscribe their email address. This is the same method used by Google Groups, Topica and other mainstream forums and groups.

    In addition, no email lists or email software are sold by the Topsafelist Advertising Club. All data is maintained securely on our server and is never revealed to third parties.

    ~ $12.00 Per Year Membership ~

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