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Hello, my name is Matt, thank you for visiting my website!

Email marketing is one of the most effective way to promote your business.
However, internet etiquette requires that you only send your offers to those who have agreed to receive them.

This is where the safelist concept comes into play. When you join our safelist you immediately have access to 1000s of proven internet purchasers.
Not only has everyone in the database agreed to receive offers but they even paid to be on the list!

You do not need to download any complicated software or download email addresses. You can send your ad spam free directly from our servers from an on line interface. It is just like sending an email from your email client except when you click send your message will go to our entire database not just one person! A disclaimer and a remove link are included automatically for you!

It gets even better than this! This website is owned by one of hundreds of other Topsafelistbiz Safelist Business owners. All the owners are sending new leads into the database daily. If just 100 owners add 10 people per day that is 1000 new people per day to send your offers to!

You get instant access to the entire database!

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Members May Send One Message Per Day

You must keep your email box clean. If we send you email and your email address bounces then this could terminate your membership

Do not use autoresponder email addresses as your contract or list email address. You may refer to your autoresponder email in the body of your message but it cannot be the from email address in your message.

No Adult or hate Oriented Messages

There are no refunds.

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